Fernco Intake Bellows
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Fernco Intake Bellows
This is a little trick to improve airflow to the throttle body.  The Ram-Air bellows is just a springy piece of rubber.  The ridges on the inside cause the airflow to slow down.  Also, the bellow compacts together, allowing a smaller passage for the air to travel.

This new "bellows" allows the largest, smoothest possible passage to the intake.  Okay, its not really a bellows, but a rubber sewer pipe.  But it works, and looks really good too.  It is the Fernco Plumb Qwik 3"x3" rubber sewer pipe.  It has 3" openings on both ends, and it 4" long.  Part # P1056-33.  You can get it at any home supply store for under $5; I got mine at Lowes.

The install is pretty straight forward.  It is really tough to get in over the throttle body, but it does fit.  Not a bad mod for under $5.

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